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Configure Holidays

Configuring Holidays

To configure the holidays relevant to the organisation, the Administrator should access the ‘Holidays’ page on the control panel. A name will be assigned to the holiday, or an already existing holiday name is updated. To complete the creation of the holiday, the Administrator should assign the related business calendar from a list of the configured business calendars. Any changes to be effected are done on the same user interface.

Create a new holiday

  1. Click on the ‘Holidays’ icon
  2. Type the holiday name in the ‘Holiday Name’ text box
  3. Click on the ‘Day’ field
  4. Select the relevant date on the calendar
  5. Click on ‘Assign Business Calendar
  6. Select the relevant business calendar and click the Save button

Update a Holiday

  1. Selects an existing holiday
  2. Update the name or day or business calendar
  3. Click on ‘Update Holiday’ button

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