Key Features

Service Automation

Automate your service processes, assign service levels and monitor their resolution using ticket and case management tools.

Self Service

The self-service platform empowers users to manage various services such as knowledge base, configuration and search.

Knowledge Management

Find known solutions and frequently asked questions to solve own problems without involving customer service agents.

Performance Management

Using graphic and analytical display tools, track agent performance and analyse service management trends.


Coexist with best-of-breed by integrating third-party applications using native, XML, REST APIs and other custom solutions.


Interact with the system using various channels (web, mobile, telephone, chat, email and social media.

An Integrated Platform for Service Management

Case Studies

Automation of the IP Admin System at the South African Companies & Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)

Is Your Organisation’s service delivery in Trouble? Consider this blueprint to build a responsive business to business services system that elevates your customer value proposition. With this case study, you’ll …

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