Service Automation

Set up your enterprise for the future

This is the core feature of the Billetterie® platform. It allows the user to flexibly configure a service management environment that meets their business requirements. In its very essence, it allows the organisation to determine service delivery standards that will invoke complete automation. The organisation is able to optimize service processes to match service level commitments. The following functions inform the Service Automation feature.


Manage Organisation

The product has a configurable, user-friendly interface that allow the user to create, customize and manage the organisation’s branding, structure and service catalogue.

Request Service

This facility allows to place service requests. A ticket will be automatically created to capture the details of the service request, attach a service level to it and to track its resolution.

Process Service Request

The service request work flow delivers the ticket to the resolution agent with information on the type of problem and the SLA related to that problem.

Content Integration

The Billetterie platform provides a service called ‘Attach Content’ to enable images and documents to be integrated to the relevant service processes.

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