Billetterie® Road Map

The Billetterie versions are named after the Southern Constellations (Johann Bayer’s version, German uranographer, of 1603. Because these constellations are located in the far southern sky, their stars were not visible to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their discovery contributed extended our understanding of the connectedness of the universe. This analogy is not lost on Billetterie Software. The current version is Volans (The flying fish)*

(Hydra (5 April 2014))
IP Online Solution
E-filing (CUBA),Content
Digitisation Solution
Prepaid billing
Online Search (self-service)
E-Journal Publishing

Dorado (9 March 2017)
PaaS version
MVC 5 (Design pattern)
Responsive layout (Bootstrap)
ITSM Solution
Performance management

Volans (7 April 2019)
Control panel
Agent work space
Forms builder
Time tracking (for billing)
Knowledge Base, Chatbot
Law Firm Practice Solution
SnapLogic integration

Apus (5 April 2021)
Asset management
Field services
management solution

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