Coexist with other mission critical systems

The Billetterie® Platform provides native and canonical REST APIs to integrate the service processes to other business systems, security and infrastructure. If standard integrations do not suffice, the Billetterie® Professional Services team may built custom solutions for third-party product integration. The Billetterie® Platform utilises the Jitterbit Integration Platform Service as a framework for integrating multiple systems.

Billetterie Partners with Microsoft, SnapLogic and Amazon Web Services

A single platform to connect data, apps, APIs, and IoT

Billetterie partners with Microsoft, incorporating the MS Power Automate work design tool. The MS Power Automate tool yields increased productivity and saves time spent on development, as no code guided experience is required. Users can easily build simple to complex workflows that can be integrated using the various connectors on Microsoft Power Automate. The workflows are built on a secure environment with no risk of cloud-based data losses. Time consuming manual tasks can easily be automated leaving users with more time to focus on strategic and high value business issues.

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) accelerates data and process flow across cloud and on- premises applications, as well as data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. Unlike traditional integration software requiring painstaking, handcrafted coding by teams of developers, SnapLogic makes it fast and easy to create scalable data pipelines that supply the right data to the right people at the right time. Functionally, SnapLogic’s data streaming architecture permits real-time processing with high throughput, powering the rapid movement of data across the enterprise. Lastly, Iris, SnapLogic’s AI-powered Integration Assistant, provides expert guidance to swiftly build high quality data pipelines.


The API management module supports integration at process and data levels. Out-of-the-box connectors are available for certain applications (e.g. WordPress CMS), and custom integrations are supported by the use of standard techniques such as REST APIs, XML schema.

The service management platform can be easily integrated with key data sources and third-party applications so as to facilitate the seamless exchange of data.

Service management capabilities can be easily linked to existing, best-of-breed applications, thus leveraging existing technology investments.


The integration feature supports bi-directional process synchronisation of service requests, and other approvals between the Billetterie® application and other cloud-based applications.

The integration also supports process-level integration, allowing systems to ‘hand-shake’ tickets between systems and to share status updates.

Workflow activities can be triggered in one system and the processing can process in different systems. Transition points have to be agreed upfront as part of the system configuration.


System management (security, identity, single sign-on) is supported using cloud and in-house system services (e.g. Active Directory, Azure).

Integrations are validated using business rules and shared standards. For instance, user credentials can be authenticated using federated systems (e.g. FaceBook) for external users or Active/Directory for in-house users.

The integration allows public and private cloud infrastructure to be securely managed from the same service. The integration controls the access to cloud resources , hence eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

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