Billetterie® is a product platform developed by Sword SA. It is derived from the Sword Group’s collaborative effort and years of experience in process automation and enterprise content management. Located in both Johannesburg and Paris, the development team collaborates to incorporate global experience in the design and enhancement of the software platform. Our software and professional services teams have partnered with different organisations in the private and public sectors to develop and deploy service digitisation solutions.

Originally based on the SwordPtolemy® platform, automation solutions for intellectual property management were the primary focus of the solution framework. With the advent of cloud computing and progress towards universal bandwidth, the solution framework was reconceptualised to encompass all aspects of process digitisation in the enterprise (front-end as well as back-end processes). The following design considerations informed the development of the Billetterie® Platform:

• Cloud ready design – implementable on-premise or as a iPaaS (Integration platform as a service)
• Platform design – an integrated platform to implement digitisation solutions with minimum effort and without the use of expensive IT professionals
• Hybrid integration to support service processes at different points to talk to other systems in the organisation’s internal and external networks
• Codeless configuration of the system functions to match organisational specifics and support service level driven responsiveness

The South African Commission for Intellectual Property & Companies (CIPC) was the first major user of the integrated platform in 2014. The platform enabled the seamless integration of the client services to the back-end processes of IP administration, comprising new application, renewal, restoration and deregistration services. The system has since been enhanced to include modules for performance and knowledge management as well as a chat robot, to support users navigating the system portals and access relevant knowledge. Beyond the automation workflows of the national office systems for intellectual property management, standard workflows have been developed for IT service management, customer service management and law firm practice.

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