LPM Connector

LPM Connector

 LPM Connector is a specialised module within the Billetterie platform that has been designed to help IP law firms to seamlessly integrate their already existing IP management software with the national office. It connects to existing business workflows and generates data files (xml) as required by the national office specification, thereby saving law firms lots of money in development cost. LPM Connector has been tried and tested on global market leading IP management software in South Africa.
Further to facilitation of exchange of data files, LPM Connector generates performance reports and performs automatic status checks and updates to the IP management system. It provides end-to-end data encryption by allowing clients to encrypt data files using latest advanced electronic signatures (AES). The following are LPM Connector’s main functions:

Generate IP XML documents for e-filing to the national registry.

Generate standard IP forms in PDF for preview before filing.

Validate XML data using national registry business rules.

Status updates

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