Billetterie Software supports partners throughout the lifecycle of the customer relationship. Training and support related to sales, configuration, customization and integration is provide. A strict certification programme is included as part of the partnership, to ensure quality service provision to the end users. Billetterie is a platform where diverse partners contribute to the value proposition for customers across various sectors.

There are 3 types of partnerships on the Billetterie Software Platform:

Value Added Reseller

Resellers are licensed to sell and provide first and second levels of support for Billetterie Software implementations and configurations. Resellers may focus on a vertical or provide horizontal services for Billetterie and partner solutions. Software implementation and configuration training is provided for VARs.

System Integrators

System Integrators provide integration services that strategy, process redesign and technology integrations. Tyipcally, system integrators work across industries. Besides the software implementation and configuration training provided for VARs, system integrators are also certified for integrating specific business solutions and for system customisations.

Technology Partners

Technology partners are typically ISVs with solutions that complement Billetterie Software. The key strategic partnerships in this regard are with Microsoft for platform and code compliance, SnapLogic for integrations, AWS and Microsoft Azure for iPaaS. Billetterie Software is constantly searching for technology partnerships into the different business verticals.

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