Billetterie® Law Firm Solution

Law firm practice management is a specialised workflow within the Billetterie® platform. It supports the management of the law firm practice. Prospective and existing customers interact with the law-firm using this Billetterie® solution. Clients can apply for and request services such as litigations, advisory, liquidations, commercial (agreements, agency agreements, consultancy agreements, employment agreements, services agreements etc), conveyancing (property acquisitions, sub-divisions, rights, ownership) and intellectual property.

Why use the Billetterie® Law management module?

The practice management solution is a safe, secure and highly encrypted workspace where legal professionals qualified (and specialised) in the different business areas/ disciplines, operate and ensure that client service requests are managed and fulfilled. In this module data security is paramount. The high-level workflow process below embodies the law practice management value-proposition represented by the Billetterie® solution.

The Billetterie® module allows practicing law firms collaboration functionality with clients, organisations and industries interested to utilise legal services on offer for the various practicing sectors. The product is aligned with legal frameworks relevant for the industries and sectors referenced in various legal and functional areas.

The Advisory services module focus on practicing areas such as contract management, business compliance, investment support, franchising, intellectual property, litigations, governance & compliance, risk, fraud-prevention, property rental, sales, disputes, mergers and acquisitions.

The litigations practice area in Billetterie® presents functionality to practitioners to perform services in respect of antitrust litigations, civil rights matters, product liability, mass torts, securities, class actions, consumer litigations, environmental and energy matters, privacy & proprietary matters, data security and a number of other specialties including intellectual property.

The intellectual property module covers services in the trade marks, patents, copyright, design and areas of trade secrets. The module is enabled with functionalities that caters for the population of acts, regulations, standards and practice notes pertaining to IP areas that will be serviced once engagements with clients and business commence. The module is aligned with international conventions and global standards. Billetterie® law covers the life-cycle from advisory to registration and post registration maintenance, disputes, preservations as well as litigations. Currently, the domains of trade marks, patents and trademarks are supported. The workflow and related e-forms are customisable to the national legislation of the service provider organisation.

The Conveyancing module within Billetterie® focuses on buying, administration, lease or sale of property. Within Billetterie® the professional conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor is presented with functionality to administer conveyancing life-cycles such as acquisitions, transfers, deed of title, notarial bonds, certificate of liens and insurance. The functionality assists conveyancing practitioners to ensure that clients meet all legal obligations and that their client’s rights are protected during transactions.

Commercial law, also known as trade law, is a service that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in merchandising, trade, sales, civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law. The module is for law practitioners engaging with clients (individual, private business, companies, large businesses, governments, banks, insurance companies) and the services associated with this functionality involves legal problems that can occur in the running of businesses and commercial transactions in respect of contracts or any form of commercial transacting. Covered in this module are administration, company registrations, contracts, deed of sale, drafting of trusts, sale or share agreements, provision of secretarial services, business agreements, non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements, information technology agreements and services level agreements. The purposes of commercial law module is to help business entities and to simplify services in respect of commercial transactions and contracts between parties. This Billetterie® module helps in solving complex issues related to disputed transactions and also help businesses and consumers alike to protect their commercial interests.

Prospective and existing customers can easily interact with the law-firm through a custom workflow within the Billetterie® platform designed in line with legal frameworks relevant for the industries and sectors in various legal settings.

Requests for commonly sought-after services can be submitted by clients and the resolution process closely monitored through the set SLAs, ensuring fast and efficient service and increasing client satisfaction..

The specialised Intellectual Property module covers services in the trade marks, patents, copyright and design. It monitors the life-cycle of an IP application from registration to post registration maintenance.

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