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Version Hydra (Billetterie 1.0)

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Release Notes

  • Release date: 5 April 2014

Changes from previous Version

  • E-filing (CUBA) – Content Digitisation Solution v.1)
  • Online Search (self service)
  • IP Online Solution with Journal Publishing

Organisational Setup

Corporate BrandingSemi-configurable – branding files can be swopped
DepartmentsPtolemy categories for organisational domains
Service CategoriesServices matched to domains

Service Request Processing

SLAManaged using Ptolemy work baskets
ReassignmentsTask assignment based on Ptolemy workbaskets
Problem TypesDomain specified
Response TemplatesCreating standard responses for tickets.

Communication & Notifications

EmailConfigurable SMTP settings to enable email communication for the system.
Mime TypesDefining the file types that the system should allow to be attached in correspondences depending on the communication channel.
Email NotificationsEnable/Disable mail notifications on ticket events per Organisation/ Department/ Individual.
Email DispatcherSending mail immediately after an action/event has been completed or queuing the mail to be sent in batches

User Management

Field AuthenticationMicrosoft controls for field validation
Windows AuthenticationActive directory integration (SSO)
AgentsAgent management
ClientsClient management
Profiles, Roles & PermissionsDefining which features users can access and privileges they have on them


Log inPage used for authenticating the Agent
CUBA web clientCreating requests (new applications, single file)
CUBA desktopCreating requests (new applications, batch file)
Request ResolutionPtolemy framework
ReportsReporting utility
Profile ManagementPage used to view and manage the Agent’s profile


API ManagementCustom integration based on REST APIs
HostingOn-premise/ webhosting
APIsAPIs for data exchange, e-journal, CUBA 
XML integrationThird-party integration based on asynchronous protocols for bulk file transfers