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How to implement workflows in Billetterie®

The Billetterie® for client services has a configurable services catalogue meaning that service priorities can be changed, modified, adjusted or re-configured. Client collaboration and ticket resolution are simplified using a multi-channel, easy portable, 24/7 response process, creating a personal and unique customer experience. Effectively implement the client services Billetterie® workflow engine with following considerations:

Make sure that the service request and query processes are well documented and synchronised with the organisational knowledge base for effective response to service requests and queries.

Ensure that users are acquainted with all the steps in the ticket resolution process, the transfer points, the risk, escalations, early warnings and associated benefits or consequences pertaining to business response.

The organisational skills pool and resources should be accurately allocated to the workbaskets to negate organisational dependencies and ensure that appropriate resources with correct capabilities are responding to client queries.

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